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Title: Development of methodological foundations for designing a classifier of threats to cyberphysical systems
Authors: Shmatko O. V.
Balakireva S.
Vlasov A.
Zagorodna N.
Korol O. G.
Milov O. V.
Petrov O.
Pohasii S.
Rzayev Kh. N.
Khvostenko V.
Keywords: synergistic model of threats
classifier of threats to cyber security systems
information security
cyber security
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Shmatko O. Development of methodological foundations for designing a classifier of threats to cyberphysical systems / O. Shmatko, S. Balakireva, А. Vlasov et al. // Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies. - 2020. - 3/9 (105). - Pp. 6-19.
Abstract: Appear in the minds of a large-scale quantum computer to put a sum of practically all algorithms in symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. With a large burst of growth in the number of IT resources and technologies "G", there has been an increase in the growth of attacks on information-communication systems (ICS) and cyber-security systems (CPS). These systems are the core of the critical cybernetic information systems (CCIS). In such minds, the main task of support necessary level of safety is the classification of contemporary threats, which are combined with the methods of social engineering and sign of synergy and hybridity. Robots will gain a synergistic model of threats on ICS / CPS, how to direct threats to synergy and hybridity, and complexings in injection of warehouse security: information security (IS), cyber security (SS), security of information (SI). This kind of idea allows the development of the methodological basis for encouraging the unified classifier of cyberphysical systems threats, preventing the formation of many critical threats, critical points in the elements of the infrastructure of the ICS / CPSi. The method of classifying the category of the malevolent has been broken down, allowing the systematization of the malevolent and to be systematized on the basis of the analysis of the performance in formulating the matrix of the types of possibilities among the possibilities of the malevolent in the form of these categories, and by using the technical methods. These actions just to reduce the level of risk of realizing an attack by singing categories of malevolent people and will allow you to avoid planning in the form of a policy of IS, so it will seize certain profiles.
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