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Title: Mechanisms of cyber security: the problem of conceptualization
Authors: Milov O. V.
Kazakova N.
Milczarski P.
Korol O. G.
Keywords: mechanism
cyber security
mechanism design
game theory
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Milov O. Mechanisms of cyber security: the problem of conceptualization / O. Milov, N. Kazakova, P. Milczarski, O. Korol // Ukrainian Scientific Journal of Information Security. – 2019. – Vol. 25, issue 2. – РР. 110–116.
Abstract: The article discusses general approaches related to the use of the concept of “mechanism” in the cybersecurity system. The initial definition of the mechanism in systems of analytical dynamics is presented. The transformation of the concept of “mechanism” is traced from mechanical systems to economic, social and organizational-technological. The definition of a mechanism that can be used in the analysis and design of decision-making systems is formulated, the features of using this concept in cybersecurity systems are considered. The publications related to the concept of the mechanism in cybersecurity systems were analyzed, on the basis of which an ontological model was built, which can be considered as a carrier of knowledge about the corresponding subject area. Particular attention is paid to the analysis and development of algorithmic mechanisms used in auction theory, as well as applications based on the use of both the classical theory of games and the theory of dynamic games. Analysis of the model made it possible to track the main directions of development using a mechanism to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure. The system of characteristics and structural elements of mechanisms in the socio-economic and political contexts of the use of cyber defense mechanisms is presented, which was not previously presented in the literature on information security and cyber defense. Given this, it is proposed to consider the decision-making mechanism in cybersecurity systems as a system of relations and interactions of various (individual, group, organizational) agents, whose interaction is aimed at solving the security problem. It is indicated that a particular variant of this approach is the decision-making mechanism. The conditions are presented under which the cybersecurity system acquires pronounced features of socio-economic and political systems, which emphasizes the legitimacy of the approach proposed by the authors.
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