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Title: Development of basic principles for corporate planning
Authors: Milov O. V.
Milevskyi S. V.
Korol O. G.
Keywords: corporation
multi-level structure
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Milov O. Development of basic principles for corporate planning / O. Milov, S. Milevskyi, O. Korol // Системи обробки інформації. – 2019. - Вип. 1(156). – С. 28 – 36.
Abstract: In the article the principles of planning in corporate systems that provide for the autonomization of enterprises within them, and the conceptual statements arising from this that determine the management processes in corporate systems were formulated. The economic interests of the corporation and its constituents should be structured, otherwise there can be no question of their coordination. The purpose of creating an integrated corporate system is to ensure the integrated use of the local functionality of its individual parts in order to effectively achieve the goals set for the corporation as a whole. The corporation has a two-level hierarchical system. Each hierarchy level corresponds to classes, groups, or individual productions. Enterprises that are part of a corporation, in turn, are considered as complex systems with a hierarchical structure. However, the components (subsystems) of an enterprise are not autonomous systems. Therefore, the corporation is moving from elements with large autonomization to subordinate elements that do not have large autonomization. At each level of the hierarchy there should be contours of self-government and coordination.
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