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Title: Аgent-oriented modeling of macroeconomic systems
Authors: Milov O. V.
Milevskiy S. V.
Keywords: macroeconomic systems
agent-oriented modeling
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця
Citation: Milov O. Аgent-oriented modeling of macroeconomic systems / O. Milov, S. Milevskiy // Економічний розвиток і спадщина Семена Кузнеця : матеріали міжнар. наук.-практ. конф., 31 трав. – 1 черв. 2018 р.: тези доп. – Х.: ХНЕУ ім. С. Кузнеця, 2018. – С. 240-241.
Abstract: Formal representations of separate components of the economic system are considered, which is regarded as the interaction of economic agents of various types. The need to introduce mechanisms for coordinating the activities of economic agents in the process of their interaction is formulated.
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