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Title: Development of the information system for navigation in modern university campus
Authors: Gryzun L. E.
Shcherbakov O. V.
Bida B. O.
Keywords: indoor navigation
information system for navigation
university campus
web technologies
problem of the shortest path search
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Gryzun L. E. Development of the information system for navigation in modern university campus / L. E. Gryzun, Shcherbakov O. V., Bida B. O. // Proceedings of the5th International Workshop on Augmented Reality in Education, May 23, 2022. - Kryvyi Rih, 2022. - Vol. 3364. – Р. 108-126.
Abstract: According to the aims, the paper highlights algorithmic, interface and tech-nological solutions for the development of the information system for navigation in university campus. In the process of searching for algorithmic and interface solutions, the peculiarities of the scientific and applied problem of indoor navigation were analyzed, as well as the capabilities of selected analogues of navigation systems implementing similar functions of this subject domain were evaluated. It was concluded that the analyzed analogues, despite their significant functionality, have the set of limitations. The specification of functional and non-functional requirements for the university navigation system was carried out, its architecture was defined as a set of interconnected modules, for the implementation of which appropriate interface and algorithmic solutions were elaborated and covered. The main stages of design and development of the university navigation system in the context of the elaborated solutions are highlighted. The functionality of the implemented system is characterized. It was established that during the design it was possible to overcome the main limita-tions inherent in similar systems implementing indoor navigation. The results of the system implementation in the educational practice of a national university are highlighted. Feedback from users received during the approbation testified the feasibility of developing and using the information system for navigation in university campus. The prospects for further work are formulated.
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