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Title: Methodology for developing an information site with Workflow support for publishing articles
Authors: Ushakova I.
Hrabovskyi Ye.
Keywords: algorithm
problem solving tree
basic decision-making model
content management system
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: Ushakova I. Methodology for developing an information site with Workflow support for publishing articles / I. Ushakova, Ye. Hrabovskyi. // Development Management. – 2022. - № 20(3). – Р. 20-28.
Abstract: The Workflow system is an effective solution to the task of optimizing information flow workflows in the electronic publishing system, which can reduce the number of errors and optimize the process of publishing articles. The purpose of this article was to create a methodology for developing an information site for web publishing. To achieve the goal of the research, scientific methods of generalization, classification, deduction and analysis were used. A problem solving tree has been created, the ultimate goal of overcoming which is the development of an information site with Workflow support. The study outlines the general structure of sections and subdivisions of the information site. In the context of this article, a methodology was developed to support the process of publishing articles on an information site based on the use of a modern content management system. For this, the authors proposed key criteria for a basic decision-making model for choosing a content management system and provided a rating of free content management systems. As a result of the analysis of the proposed criteria, it was concluded that the Joomla tool environment should be used to support web publishing processes. The paper compares the components of the work flow organization on the information site. An algorithm for selecting a component for organizing the workflow has been created. In order to create a site with Workflow support for publishing articles, the stages of development were planned, a list of criteria based on which development should be carried out was proposed, and a structural diagram for creating such a site was given. The limitations of the created methodology for the development of an information site, which may arise in the process of practical implementation and adoption of relevant management decisions, are considered. The practical result of the work is recommendations for web developers to create an information site with Workflow support for publishing articles.
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