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Title: Methods of Developing the Event-agency Site
Authors: Hrabovskyi Y.
Keywords: Event-agency
content management system
mobile devices
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: Hrabovskyi Y. Methods of Developing the Event-agency Site / Y. Hrabovskyi // Збірник наукових праць Харківського національного університету Повітряних Сил. – 2021. – Вип. 4 (70). – С. 70-76.
Abstract: The purpose of the article is to develop a method of creating an Event-agency website with accelerated mobile pages. The practical result of the article are recommendations to programmers and designers regarding the development of the Event-agency site with accelerated mobile pages. To solve this goal, the article analyzes the main groups of site development methods. Namely, the analysis of methods of manual writing of sites in one or more web programming languages and methods of automated creation of sites with the help of special site designers or content management systems was carried out. Due to the fact that the content management system is a certain ready-made visual and software shell in the work, it was decided that the development of the Event-agency site should be based on CMS. The article also proves the need to create an Event-agency site using accelerated AMP mobile pages, which are designed to significantly increase the speed of loading site pages on mobile devices. In this paper, the analysis and comparison of AMP plugins is performed. To integrate the Event Agency website with other websites and manage event content, the article recommends using the DJ-Events installation package, which contains the appropriate component and modules. The article analyzes the main features of the DJ-Events package regarding event management. It is recommended to show a slide show on the main page of the Event-agency website, which should be created on the basis of the free DJ-ImageSlider extension. The main possibilities of DJ-ImageSlider expansion in relation to the development of Event-agency sites are analyzed. In this article, based on the analysis of AMP plugins, an algorithm for selecting AMP plugins for the Event Agency website was developed. Based on the analysis of the existing software and sites of analogues in the study the structuring of the main stages of development of the Event-agency site is given. The factors that should be taken into account when developing the design of the Event-agency website are systematized. As an experimental part of the research in this article, the testing of the Event-agency website is performed on the basis of the developed methodology. To do this, the normal event page and its AMP version were selected. Based on the testing, it was determined that the AMP version of the page loads much faster than the regular version of the page.
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