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Title: The introduction of modern methods of logistics in entrepreneurial activity
Authors: Matviienko-Biliaieva G. L.
Strokovych H. V.
Velykykh K. O.
Kozub V. O.
Bril M. S.
Keywords: business entity
stages of logistics implementation
Ukrainian economy
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: Matviienko-Biliaieva G. L. The introduction of modern methods of logistics in entrepreneurial activity / G. L. Matviienko-Biliaieva, H. V. Strokovych, K. O. Velykykh, V. O. Kozub, M. S. Bril // ASTRA Salvensis. – 2020. – Supplement no. 1. – С. 155–166.
Abstract: The functioning of each state is ensured by the effective public administration and functioning of the enterprises that form the basis of its economy. The current state of the Ukrainian economy has defined the problem for many business entities regarding reforming management systems by introducing organizational models that maximize profits in the short term, increase capital, in the long run, and address social issues of staff. Logistical management greatly influences the state of financial and economic and legal support in the market conditions of various economic relations. The article deals with the essence of logistics in the process of doing business. The basic methods of logistics are investigated, namely: system analysis method; method of cybernetics; economic and mathematical modeling; method of operations research; predictive method. It is determined that the application of each of them depends on the competence of the specialists who apply them. It is suggested to use expert computer support of logistics processes to increase the effectiveness of managerial decision making.
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