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Title: Higher and Applied Mathematics: guidelines to practical tasks to the part "Applied Mathematics" for Bachelor's (first) degree students of speciality 242 "Tourism"
Other Titles: Вища та прикладна математика: методичні рекомендації до практичних завдань з розділу "Прикладна математика" для студентів спеціальності 242 "Туризм" першого (бакалаврського) рівня
Высшая и прикладная математика: методические рекомендации к практическим заданиям по разделу "Прикладная математика" для студентов специальности 242 "Туризм" первого (бака¬лаврского) уровня
Authors: Misiura Ie. Iu.
Місюра Є. Ю.
Мисюра Е. Ю.
Keywords: outcome
compatible (incompatible) events
impossible event
certain event
addition theorems
multiplication theorems
independent (dependent) events
Bernoulli's scheme
local theorem of Moivre – Laplace
integral theorem of Moivre – Laplace
Poisson's theorem
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: S. Kuznets KhNUE
Citation: Higner and Applied Mathematics. Guidelines to practical tasks to the part "Applied Mathematics" for Bachelor's (first) degree students of speciality 242 "Tourism" [Electronic resource] / compil. by Ie. Misiura; Simon Kuznets Kharkiv national university of economics. - E-text data (1,87 КБ). - Kh. : S. Kuznets KhNUE, 2019. - 47 p. - The title screen.
Abstract: The sufficient theoretical material on the academic discipline and typical examples are presented to help students master the material of the part "Applied Mathematics" and apply the obtained knowledge to practice. Tasks for independent work and individual tasks, a list of theoretical questions are given to promote the improvement and extension of students' knowledge of this part. For Bachelor's (first) degree students of speciality 242 "Tourism".
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