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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016S. Kuznets, M. Kalecki, E. Liberman іn the economy of developmentVnukova N. M.
2021Safety of man-machine interaction in the digital environmentProtasenko O. F.; Mygal G. V.; Manakova H. О.
2020Sampling: specifics of business processes analysisGavkalova N. L.; Sierova I. A.
2017Scale measurement of the indicators of bank’s liquidity (on the example of Ukraine)Hontar D. D.
2019Scientific and practical proposals on the choice and application of strategic controlling instruments at the enterprise in the modern conditionsMalyarets L. M.; Iastremska O.
2023Scientific-theoretical basis of the territorial development strategyGavkalova N. L.; Kyrychenko Y. V.
2018Search engines advertising and marketing platforms in social communicationKovalenko O. Y.; Cherkashina A. S .
2020Search for statistically approved criteria for identifying money laundering riskLebid O. V.; Veits O.
2022Securing business flexibility in conditions of war in UkraineKotlyk A. V.; Gres G. O.
2021Securing global supply chainsChepeliuk M.
2019Securities as an object of investment on world stock marketNikitina A. V.; Нікітіна А. В.; Никитина А. В.
2022Security of information and communication systems: working program of the educational discipline for students of specialty 125 "Cybersecurity" of the educational program "Cybersecurity" of the first (bachelor's) levelDolgova N. G.
2016Selecting a kind of financial innovation according to the level of a bank’s financial soundness and its life cycle stageKolodiziev O. M.; Chmutova I. M.; Biliaieva V. Y.
2017Selecting the optimal information protection system from data leakageShmatko A. V.; Fedorchenko V. M.; Ivashchenko O. V.; Шматко О. В.; Федорченко В. М.; Іващенко О. В.; Шматко А. В.; Федорченко В. Н.; Иващенко А. В.
2019Self-control as a Marker of Foreign Languages Modern TeachingKovalova K. L.
2021Self-management: syllabus of the academic discipline for students of speciality 073 “Management” educational program «Business Administration» for first (Bachelor's) degreeVasylyk S. K.; Maistrenko O. V.; Pererva I. M.; Barkova K. O.
2020Self-organizing organizational structures of cybersecurity systemsMilov O. V.; Aleksiyev V. O.
2020Self-organizing organizational structures of cybersecurity systemsMilov O. V.; Aleksiyev V. O.
2017Semantic specificities of phraseological units comprising LOVE component in “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret MitchellMelnyk S.