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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The paradigm of the state regulatory policyWackowski K.; Gavkalova N. L.
2020Parallel Programming Technologies : work program for students of the first (bachelor's) level the specialty 121 Software EngineeringUdovenko S. G.; Tiutiunyk O. O.; Ushakova I. A.; Aksak N. H.
2000Partial reflection technique investigation of the lower ionosphere response to strong remote earthquakesGokov A. M.; Tyrnov O. F.; Гоков А. М.; Тырнов О. Ф.; Гоков О. М.; Тирнов О. Ф.
1998Partial reflеction measurements of the lower ionosphere modification due to atmospheric electrostatic fieldGokov A. M.; Martynenko S. I.; Rozumenko V. T.; Tsymbal A. M.; Tyrnov O. F.; Гоков О. М.; Мартиненко С. І.; Розуменко В. Т.; Гоков А. М.; Мартыненко С. И.; Цымбал А. М.; Тырнов О. Ф.
2020Partnership approach to the strategic planning of the socio-economic developmentKanova O. A.
2021Peculiar Properties Of Creating A System Of Support To Make Anti-Crisis Decisions By Experts Of The Situational Center At The Cyber Protection ObjectTiutiunyk V.; Tiutiunyk O.; Teslenko O.; Brynza N.
2022Peculiarities and differences of teaching mathematics in german and ukrainian education systemsSilichova T.; Diachek O.; Zhelezniakova Е.
2021Peculiarities in distance learning of foreign language using moodle platformHontarenko I. S.
2022Peculiarities of a team leader’s role behaviourHolubiev S.; Bilokonenko H.; Homenko P.
2021Peculiarities of blockchain technology introduction in the field of healthcare: current situation and prospectsKliuchka Y.; Shmatko O. V.; Yevseiev S. P.; Milevskyi S. V.
2021Peculiarities of decentralization of public governance in the conditions of democratic transformation in UkraineGavkalova N.; Zilinska A.; Kurdiukova V.
2022Peculiarities of foreign language studying by bilingualsIsliamova K. S.; Mykhailova L. Z.; Lutai N. V.
2022Peculiarities of information technologies for processing of data arrays of environmental monitoring of natural and technogenic objects of different scale in geoinformation systemsGokov А. M.
2023Peculiarities of legal regulation of intellectual property protection in Ukraine under martial law: administrative and civil aspectsLeheza Y.; Yerofieienko L.; Komashko V.
2016Peculiarities of Non-linear Development of Ukrainian Economy: Causes and TendenciesRayevnyeva O. V.; Dubrovina N. A.; Раєвнєва О. В.; Дубровіна Н. А.; Раевнева Е. В.; Дубровина Н. А.
2020Peculiarities of the distance learning introduction in higher education institutionsKovalova K. L.; Herasymenko E. M.; Shcherbyna O. V.
2023Peculiarities of the formation of human capital in rural areas in the pre-war periodShyian D.; Litovchenko I.; Sevriukova Ye.