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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019K otázce stereotypního užívání pojmu „Rus”Grekov V.
2020Key aspects of branding tourism territory within the framework of cluster approach to tourism developmentTymoshenko K. V.
2015Key aspects of HR-branding forming and its using at Ukrainian enterprisesStepanova E. R.; Nazarov N. K.
2020Key differences between the terms “organizational culture” and “corporate culture”Otenko V. I.; Barkova K. O.
2021Key guidelines for innovative development of finance, accounting and auditing in the context of digital modernization of the economyChernukha T.; Hovorovska A.
2018Key requirements for the synthesis of the enterprise competitiveness management systemPiddubna L. I.; Horobynska M. V.; Піддубна Л. І.; Горобинська М. В.; Поддубная Л. И.; Горобинская М. В.
2015The key stages of the process of establishing partnership relationsLysytsya N. M.; Us M. I.; Лисиця Н. М.; Ус М. І.; Лисица Н. М.; Ус М. И.
2021Kharkiv MeetDocs 2021: що дивитися на фестиваліСтаркова Г. В.
2020Knowledge economy and innovation infrastructure: Syllabus of the educational discipline for students specialty in 073 "Management" of the first (bachelor degree) levelStrokovych H. V.
2021Knowledge-intensive innovative entrepreneurship : syllabus of the academic discipline for all specialities for second (master) degreeSalun М. М.
2015Kогнітивне моделювання в механізмі стратегічного управління розвитком потенціалу промислового підприємстваПилипенко А. А.; Литвиненко А. О.; Pylypenko A. A.; Lytvynenko A. O.
2014La gestion de processus d'amelioration du systeme GRC (GESTION DE LA RELATION CLIENT) d'entreprise et l'optimisation de l'algorithme de recherche des donneesKudinov M.; Кудинов Н.; Кудінов М.
2018Labor market research in the system of internal quality assurance in the higher education institutionHolubiev S. M.; Голубєв С. М.; Голубев С. Н.
2022Labour law in NigeriaУмех Калеб Убука
2021Language competence developing methodologyButkovska N. O.
2019Language of tourism as an object of translationSavytska L. V.
2017Language Portfolio as Modern and Effective Technique of Educational ManagementBorova T. A.; Butkovska N. O.
2018Language Socialization in the Cultural DiversityKovalenko O. Y.; Petrenko V. O.
2021Language teaching methods for tutors’ preparation in the first half of the XXth centuryOsmachko S. A.