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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Background for revision the Ukrainian social and economic modelDoronina M. S.; Chepel I. V.
2019Bank lending to small and medium-sized enterprises: the experience of Ukraine and PolandVovk V. Y.; Zhezherun Yu. V.; Kostohryz V. G.
2015Bank's financial management technologies forming at strategic and operational levelsChmutova I. M.
2013Banking of Croatia in the Kingdom of YugoslaviaBenić-Penava M.; Беніч-Пенава M.; Бенич-Пенава M.
2016Banking system variables as indicators of economy state: diagnosis and forecastingChernova N. L.; Polyakova O. Y.; Чернова Н. Л.; Полякова О. Ю.
2022Basics of entrepreneurship: syllabus of the academic discipline for students of all specialties of the first (bachelor) levelKanova O. A.; Mazorenko O. V.; Pererva I. M.
2021Basics of programming: working program of the discipline for students specialty in 125 “Cybersecurity” educational program “Cybersecurity” first (bachelor's) levelYevseiev S. P.; Kovalenko S. M.
2013Basics of the Information Economy : textbookLepeyko T. I.; Mazorenko O. V.; Лепейко Т. І.; Лепейко Т. И.; Мазоренко О. В.
2019Basis of scientific analytical researches : syllabus of the academic discipline for Bachelor's (first) degree students of speciality 073 “Management”Myronova O. M.
2018Behavioral strategies of the personnel in the cross-cultural interaction process as a precondition of effective development of the enterprise: Ukraine and MongoliaBlyznyuk T. P.; Близнюк Т. П.
2021Behaviour of Economic Agents in Services Market (Educational Services)Nazarova G.; Bril M.; Dybach I.; Demianenko A.; Nazarov N.
2017Benchmarking of bank performance using the life cycle concept and the DEA approachPonomarenko V. S.; Kolodiziev O. M.; Chmutova I. M.
2022Benefits and Risks of Digital Business Transformation: The Example of Eastern Europe CountriesZolkover A.; Petrunenko I.; Iastremska O.; Stashkevych O.; Mehriban Mehdiqizi Mehdizade
2018Between fragmentation and globalizationLyutviyeva Ya. P.
2016Bioeconomics, biopolitics and bioethics: evolutionary semantics of evolutionary risk (anthropological essay)Cheshko V. T.; Glazko V. I.
2017Bioethics: reincarnation of natural philosophy in modern scienceCheshko V. T.; Glazko V. I.; Kosova Y. V.
2019Blended learning and its impact on quality of educationMarchuk A. A.; Urazova S.
2022Blended learning and using mobile devices for language learningAgadzhanova R. M.
2021Blockchain as a driver of digitalization: essence, competitive advantages and approaches to regulation in the world and UkraineVelychko K.; Nikitina A. V.; Nosach L. L.
2022Blockchain: basics and examples of application: working program of the educational discipline for students of specialty 125 "Cybersecurity" of the educational program "Cybersecurity" of the first (bachelor's) levelDolgova N. G.