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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Critical Points of Information Influence in Social NetworksMilov O.; Yevseiev S.; Milevskyi S.; Kajstura K.; Ziubina R.
2021Cyber Terrorism As An Object Of ModelingMilov O.; Melenti Y.; Milevskyi S.; Pohasii S.; Yevseiev S.
2019Cyber threats classifier of automated banking systems information resourcesYevseiev S.; Polyakov A.; Romashchenko N.
2021Detection Of Intrusion Attacks Using Neural NetworksKarpinski M.; Shmatko A.; Yevseiev S.; Jancarczyk D.; Milevskyi S.
2020Development and analysis of game-theoretical models of security systems agents interactionYevseiev S.; Milov O. V.; Milevskyi S. V.; Voitko O.; Kasianenko M.; Melenti Y.; Pohasii S.; Stepanov H.; Turinskyi O.; Faraon S.
2021Development of a method for constructing linguistic standards for multi-criteria assessment of honeypot efficiencyKorchenko A.; Breslavskyi V.; Yevseiev S.; Zhumangalieva N.; Zvarych A.; Kurchenko O.; Laptiev O.; Sievierinov О. V.; Tkachuk S.
2021Development of a method for detecting deviations in the nature of traffic from the elements of the communication networkLaptiev O.; Lukova-Chuiko N.; Laptiev S.; Laptieva T.; Savchenko V.; Yevseiev S.
2021Development of a method for estimating the effect of transformation of the normalized frequency mismatch function of a coherent bundle of radio pulses on the quality of radar frequency resolutionYevseiev S.; Kuznietsov O. O.; Biesova O.; Kyrychenko D.; Lukashuk O.; Milevskyi S. V.; Pohasii S.; Husarova I.; Goloskokova A.; Sobchenko V.
2020Development of an advanced method of video information resource compression in navigation and traffic control systemsYevseiev S.; Abdalla Ah.; Osiievskyi S. V.; Larin V.; Lytvynenko M.
2019Development of the model of the antagonistic agents behavior under a cyber conflictMilov O. V.; Yevseiev S.; Ivanchenko Y.; Milevskyi S. V.; Nesterov A.; Puchkov O.; Salii A.; Tymochko O.; Tiurin V.; Yarovyi A.
2021Evaluation of Cryptographic Strength and Energy Intensity of Design of Modified Crypto-Code Structure of McEliece with Modified Elliptic CodesYevseiev S.; Korol O.; Veselska O.; Pohasii S.; Khvostenko V.
2020Improvement of project risk assessment methods of implementation of automated information components of non-commercial organizational and technical systemsAndroshchuk А.; Yevseiev S.; Melenchuk V.; Lemeshko O.; Lemeshko V.
2021Model Of The System For Special Purpose Of Critical Infrastructure ObjectsKarpinski M.; Tomashevsky B.; Zahorodna N.; Yevseiev S.; Rajba S.; Milov O.
2021Modeling the protection of personal data from trust and the amount of information on social networksYevseiev S.; Laptiev O.; Lazarenko S.; Korchenko A.; Manzhul І.
2022Research of collision properties of the modified UMAC algorithm on crypto-code constructionsYevseiev S.; Havrylova A.; Korol O.; Dmitriiev O.; Nesmiian O.; Yufa Y.; Hrebennikov A.
2021The method of discretization signals to minimize the fallibility of information recoveryLaptiev O.; Yevseiev S.; Hatsenko L.; Daki O.; Ivanenko V.; Fedunov V.; Hohoniants S.
2020The new method for detecting signals of means of covert obtaining informationLaptiev O.; Savchenko V.; Yevseiev S.; Haidur H.; Gakhov S.; Hohoniants S.
2017Модель нарушителя прав доступа в автоматизированной банковской системе на основе синергетического подходаЕвсеев С. П.; Євсеєв С. П.; Yevseiev S.
2017Оценка эффективности инвестиций в безопасность организаций банковского сектора на основе синергетической модели угрозЕвсеев С. П.; Євсеєв С. П.; Yevseiev S.
2020Сyber safety prevention methods for childrenMelnyk M.; Yevseiev S.